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Front 9 and Back 9 Goflers (Same Guy)

In the past, I wrote about my change in performance on the front nine and back 9 at White Clay Creek. I saw this again when I was thoroughly humbled at Crosswinds Golf Club by shooting a 98 after a solid front 9. It got me thinking whether this was true to form for me or an anomaly. Then my analytical little brain said, “SPREADSHEET it!” Let’s look at my Front 9 and Back 9 numbers and see if there is kryptonite on the back 9.

Front 9 and Back 9 Data

I examined 14 rounds of golf where I had scorecards for my performance. My calculations looked at front 9 score, back 9 score, the difference between the two and averages for all three categories. Here is what the numbers told me:

Average Front 9 Score: 45.2

Average Back 9 Score: 47.7

Average Delta: 2.5

Why the Difference Between Front 9 and Back 9

So what happens to me and my golf game when I leave the 9th green and step onto the 10th tee box? I started to think about me and my golf game in between these two stages of my golf game. Not fun and easy to look at yourself and see two different people. But it was illuminating.

How to Bring Back 9 Me to Front 9 Me

Okay, so I need lower the back 9 score by 2.7 strokes on average. The “easiest” way is to maintain my swing constitution. My swing preparation and execution must be constant and never waiver. And for my next trick, I will hit the green from 450 out with my sand wedge. That single aspect of golf can help me control my back 9 play. It will not be easy but I need to play the back 9 mentally like I play the front 9.

Can I play with ear buds and “Play your game. Swing your swing.” on endless loop? I guess it is somewhat rude to other players in the foursome.

Do you have a Mr. Hyde who plays your back 9?

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