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Golfshot is Your Mobile Caddy

I find this time in the history of golf very fun with the technology available to causal players. When I caddied as a lad in the 80s, I bought a yardage tool. It was a simple plastic box you looked through and lined the flag up along a horizontal line and curve. Depending where the flag rested along the curve, you saw your distance. Now, we have laser range finders an apps like Golfshot. I took Golfshot for a try to see if it was worth the battery life on my phone.

The mobile phone is wrongly named given all the wonders available through them and how annoyed people get when you actually call them on one. I tried several apps on my phone to track scores, handicaps, and shots. The Grint is my go to app at this time. I wanted to see what else is out there so I downloaded Golfshot and tried it over two separate rounds of golf.

GolfShot GPS

Let’s get to the wow factor of GPS functions of Golfshot. The aerial view is nice and clear but it is the distance to key features on the hole I really liked. Golfshot provides distances to:

  • Bunkers
  • Green center
  • Front edge of the green
  • Doglegs
  • To carry bunkers

All these factor helped me make some good club selection distance. Golfshot allows you to slide the target area to better pick your aiming point and know the required distance.

Golfshot Scoring

Scoring with Golfshot is simple and easy to do as you are walking or riding to the next hole. Along with score, you can track your putt count, tee club, and tee shot accuracy. The challenge I had was that I carry a non-standard set of golf clubs that weigh heavy on hybrid clubs. With enough use, you can enter your standard distance for each club and Golfshot will use this to recommend a club for you.

Is Golfshot worth the Money?

I would say yes. It is an easy app to use and can help you sharpen your game through shot tracking. My recommendation for the Golfshot team is to add the ability to personalize the clubs in your bag to help club recommendations.

I prefer the Grint but I also have invested time and a large number of rounds scored in it for my handicap tracking.

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