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Golf Laser Range Finder vs. Mobile Apps

Technology is a wonderful thing and has changed modern life for the better and that definitely has come to the world of golf. In my day, I was a young pup caddying to make some money and learn about golf and because my parents told me I had to make some money if I wanted to the car driving next Sunday. The tools I used to determine distance were my legs to pace off from yardage markers or a plastic box with a slope you put the flag under read the number under. Now these damn kids have lasers and their phones. Which is better for you: Laser Range Finder or Mobile App.

Laser Range Finder and Mobile App Decision

When deciding which is better for you and your golf game, let’s ask a few quick questions:

  • How accurate is your golf game? Do you pick your iron on approach knowing its distance or are you aiming that way?
  • How well do you know the course? Do you play the same course each week or is this course new and you wonder is around the bend?
  • Can you buy a new range finder and a new driver or has your spouse given you enough money for a new driver OR a laser range finder?
  • Do you lose things on the golf course? head covers, wedges, putters, your pride?

These questions should set up which is better for your but let’s see how they stack up.

Laser Range Finder vs. Mobile App Scorecard

Comparing features and benefits of laser range finders and mobile apps.

Laser Range Finder vs Mobile App for Me

You will have to make your own decision. For the recent past and near future, I am enjoying using mobile apps. I love the Grint and will be reviewing several others in 2019 including Golf Shot and 18 Birdies Since I play so many different course, the overview is greatly appreciated and the distance to fairway bunkers helps judge club selection. I will convert back to a laser range finder when I settle into a home course and my approach game tightens up.

Which do you prefer and what model or app do you use? Any I should give a test run to?

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