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Winter Home Putting Practice Range

As winter blows cold wind and snow across the land, can you feel your golfing skills and touch fading away. I cannot help you with your full swing but you can work on you’re putts. You don’t need a lot of room. Let me show you what I came up with at Casual Golfers United HQ to keep my putting skills sharp while waiting for spring.

Part of the challenge how to build the right level of putting equipment so that you get good practice but you don’t have to clean up too many piece every time you leave the room or guest come over to the house. Since I review golf training aides, I have several items that I am using again to create a putting range in my office. Here is my set up:

Putting Practice Equipment List

Home Putting Practice Range

I know my review of the Breed Precision Putting Strip was a bit low. Now I am using it to track the putter head path to keep it straight back and forth. It is helping and I might have to rewrite the review if I can lower my putts per hole average.

Putting Practice Routine

Practice without purpose is just spitting in the wind. I am working to hit the three foot putts right down the middle and even stick them to the Putt Out (not as easy as the box says it is). The goals is to achieve a straight path of the putter head. I use a double Pill drill for this too. I walk the ball back a foot if I am swinging smoothly and the path is true.

Putting Practice Warning

Beware home duffers that just because you can “sink” those 10 footer on your carpet or practice mat does not mean you will make eagle putts from 35′ out. The touch required on a practice mat will be different than that for a dew covered green. You will have the aim down so give yourself a hole or two to calibrate your putter to the real world and sloping greens.

What other training aid or gadget should I add to my putting range?

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