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Keep it Simple Golf is Just That

The book selection for techniques and training of the golf swing can be a daunting task. So many titles with so many flashy covers boasting that this tome has the answers you are seeking. What you get is a bunch of flashy words and flashier glossy photos breaking down a swing. As we grow the Casual Golfers United library and reference catalog, I try to find books that address all levels of golf. “Complete Keep it Simple Golf” breaks down the golf swing so it is easy to understand, way down.

I bought this book on an Amazon golf book splurge one night use up gift cards and feed this website and my golf knowledge. The title caught my eye and I figure what the heck. Oliver Spedding writes a book that is easy and quick to digest clocking in at 116 pages. Instead of glossy photos of a golfer at a sunny location, Oliver uses his own black and white illustrations. He breaks down the physics of why the ball goes to the right when you swing through the ball from the left and vice versa. The book looks club face impact and how to get there for better contact and swing results.

The pointers and insight in Complete Keep is Simple Golf can be exercised at the driving range. Oliver gives a solid piece of advice though.

Never just go to the range to hill balls. Always have something positive to work on. Failure to do this can easily result in faults creeping into your swing without you noticing them.

Is A Complete Keep it Simple Golf Buy/Borrow/Bypass?

This is a good book to pass on to a friend or family member looking to start playing golf. There are some aha moments that will help them understand and grasp the mechanics of the golf swing.

The book could benefit from a some additional editing as I found spelling mistakes. I also think if it was sliced and diced with headers and bullet points it would be easier on the eye to read. This is an observation compared to a harsh critique based on my growing writing experience.

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