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Reviewing Golf Courses in Winter: Is It Fair?

There comes a time to golf and time to put the clubs away for the winter. Well kids, now that Causal Goal United has migrated our HQ to the southeast US, winter holds no sway on the golf season. I have no problem stacking on the layers to hit the course in the 40s. (4.5 degrees C for our international readers). Is it fair though to review/judge a golf course when the course itself has gone dormant for thew winter?

Winter Effect on a Golf Course

I understand the effect the colder seasons have on a course and all the offerings to Persephanie will not do anything to bring back the rough and heal divots. Hades is gonna deny them all. Grass goes dormant and tee boxes get scarred and roughs and fairways are no longer divided. The sun loses some of its zip and sand traps take longer to dry. These are all factors but do they dismay an opinion of the experience of a golf course?

Heron Glen 16th hole looking back from across the environmental area. Tee box is down the other side of the hill top.

Factors to Judge a Golf Course

When I review/judge a golf course, I look at these and other factors:

  • Clubhouse amenities and staff friendliness
  • Condition of golf carts and cart path
  • Undulation and challenge of greens
  • Challenge of course layout and shot selection

Not all the above factors appear on the Casual Golfers United golf course scorecard. Combine these factor and they lead me to the decision of whether I want to come back and play the course again. In the end, that is the best review of a course, desire to a repeat round.

I have played four different courses this winter. Some courses held up to the winter season and others are showing wear and tear that I hope the spring season heals. Some of the golf course reviews will be posted into spring and I don’t want to the review to seem unfairly harsh. If a course offers a fun round in the winter, it is definitely worth another round in the spring.

The more I play the more ideas for articles I get, the more photos for our instagram account (@casualgoflersunited) and more fellow golfers I get to meet. The quest for golf nirvana is never ending so I won’t stop just because it is nippy out there.

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