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The Zen of the First Golfer on the Course

Growing up, my dad and his friends would play the first tee slot every Saturday morning. Once in a while, he would drag me along for some father/son bonding on the links. No better plan than to drag a teenager out of bed on a Saturday before the sun(or son) is up to play a game that frustrated the kid more than asking a girl out. (Did I share too much?) Now that I am older, making first tracks in the dew with my golf shoes and holds a special place in my heart.

Here are some reasons why I like taking the first tee time slot on the course.

First Golfer on Course Perk #1

The peace and quiet of just after dawn on the golf course offers me some tranquility that allows me to wash away the week. Sometimes, I have caught the wildlife on the golf course just walking up and I watch the birds spreading their wings to warm in the rising sun.

First Golfer on Course Perk #2

When there is no one in front on you, the speed of a round increases and I can shave an entire hour or two from a round. I even walked 18 holes in 2.5 hours when I am the first one to wake up on a Sunday.

Early morning golf vistas.

First Golfer on Course Perk #3

Take time to work on missed putts or chips. I do not play two balls but I will replay a putt or chip if I messed it up royally. All first strokes are counted. It is more to see that my read was the same but the green had other plans for the ball.

Some people like the extra hour or two of sleep and I guess I make it up with an afternoon nap. To each his own but I can say that there is something cool to stop in the middle of fairway and see you are the only one on the course. (sigh)

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