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BirdEase: The Tournament Registration Website to Use

One of the keys to a successful charity golf tournament is organizing your time and efforts.  You and your team have to make it easy not only for your sponsors and golfers to sign up but for you to keep up on invoicing and payment and foursome assignments.  BirdEase is the website to help you run the best golf tournament you can. 

This post will be another in my series of post on charity golf tournament management.  Today, we will look at BirdEase as a web based solution to your tournament management needs.

I have run the Greater Washington Business Aviation Association’s (GWBAA) tournament for the past nine years.  When I first started, we used spreadsheets to keep track of everything.  I moved us to Golf Digest’s tournament tools for several years but found them stagnant in their development.  Last year, I tired BirdEase and was very happy with the resulting.

Cool Factors of BirdEasePro:


BirdEase Room for Improvement

BirdEase is not perfect but everything can improve.  One thing I think that would make it even better is to allow you to build emails that look like your website to have amore branded feel.  I also found the foursome building tricky since the page provides registrant name but not the company name.  I sent these to BirdEase after our tournament with my compliments to helping me put on a great tournament with record number of golfers.

There were times that I did need help and Ethan and the team at BirdEase got right back to me with an email or phone call.  Great way to take some pressure off running a tournament.

Check them out at

Check out the 2019 GWBAA page as a live sample:

Come join us if you are in the Dulles, VA area in September

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  1. Were you ever able to add company name for the other golfers in the foursome? This software looks great but that’s an important item to miss.

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