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The Day My Golf Game Almost Died

Any golfer can tell you that golf is never easy and never the same game day to day. My best analogy is that my golf game is a game of whack-a-mole. I can temporarily master a skill or two but never the entire game from tee to pin. Today, I experienced the darkest self doubt I have in a long time. What went wrong to lead to my worst round in recent memory? Why did I not use the knowledge I write about on this blog? Why indeed?

Here is what went wrong in my mind and in turn my golf game:

  • Played for an article instead of the love of the game.
  • Played for the scorecard not each shot (in the now).
  • Saw my goal slip away and gave up.

Golf Game or Blog Article

I set out this morning as the sun was coming up to Crosswinds Golf Club for a bit of redemption (review to be posted in the near future). Last week, I played the course to review it for the site. I played a poor round of a 96 (with an 8 on a par 4) and wanted a bit of revenge. I felt I made a few mental errors but I could score 90 or slightly lower. The tag line was written already in my mind, “I Got my Revenge on Crosswind.” I was not focused on the path just the destination.

Scorecard and Not Each Shot

I play bogey golf and damn proud of shooting a 90. Sometimes if I get a par, I allow the sting of a double bogey not to hurt as it comes out in the wash. Today, I played to get a 90 and was keeping the over/under score as I played. This was fine on the front nine where I shot a 46. Once the doubles and bigger bogeys happened on the back 9, I tried to get birdies to clean up my mess. Poor shots could have yielded bogeys but I played for birdies. That is not me today or any other day.

That Train Has Sailed

Once I scored a 7 on the par 4 13th hole, I felt a lead weight cool in my belly. My goal slipped right through my hands. My self doubt and loss of concentration generated slices and poor chipping. Deeper into the void I tumbled. I tried to talk myself up but it all came back to letting a good front 9 go to waste.

Pity Party: Table for One

So, here I sit in Casual Golfers United HQ trying to wash away the worst round I have shot in recent memory. What am I doing to get over this flop?

  • Sulk in my Flyers jersey.
  • Buy three boxes of cigars.
  • Go to Amazon to buy more golf balls and a few training aids.
  • Book a the time for tomorrow morning at another course.
  • Plan for a driving range session this week.

Don’t fear, my golf clubs are still in my trunk and not in the garage can (or a water hazard). The saving grace for the day was a par on the par 5 18th including a tap in putt from a great chip. I can play better but here is what I need to do to do so:

  • Practice tee shots to swing inside to out.
  • Get more comfortable with my 56 degree wedge.
  • Work on 4 and 5 hybrids to be more comfortable 180 to 200 yards out.
  • Read up on mental toughness in golf.

What was your worst round and how did you bounce back.

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