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Southbridge Golf Club

Golf course developments are very hip in the south. Nothing attracts new home owners building dream homes is the fantasy of playing a quick nine after a summer dinner of burgers on the grill. Just sign here. That was the lure of Southbridge Golf Club. I will credit them that they built a solid golf course.

Southbridge Golf Club Overview

I have played Southbridge Goal Club off and on for years. The course layout weaves in and out of the community. The design does offer some challenges with water coming into play time to time. Some greens are built up offering approach challenges and putts with tricky slopes.

If I Ran Southbridge Golf Club

I played Southbridge Golf Club in January so I know the fairways, rough, and greens were dormant. The key to keeping a place going is nurturing the golf course to keep weeds out and the grass strong. The tee boxes sometimes lost their definition from the fringe around them.

Favorite Hole at Southbridge Golf Club

Hole #16 is a challenging Par 5. The hole measures a lengthy 522 from the white tees. The kick to the shins is a creek that crosses the fairway about 220 to 230 yards out. I do not know what it take to carry it because my driver isn’t that reliable to fly that far. So I “layed” up with my 4 hybrid 200 yards from the tee leaving 322 to the green. Hand me my 4 hybrid again. This hole offers no eagle opportunities. Play for par and play smart.

Final Say About Southbridge Golf Club

I like the layout of Southbridge. The price is right and I like first tee spots so I can bang out my round before the locals wake up. I would recommend Southbridge if you are touring Savannah and want a knock around game of golf. The courses in Bluffton and Hilton Head may offer more majestic vistas but they come at a price. I will return to Southbridge Golf Club for a fun day on the course.

Southbridge Golf Club Scorecard

Scorecard for Southbridge Golf Club

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