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New for 2019: Call Your Golf Shot

There are times on the golf course when I am faced with a tough decision and tougher golf shot. I find myself with a tough lie, in between clubs, obstacle blocking my path, etc. In the heat of battle, it is up to me and me alone to make the critical call to save par (or double bogey in reality). But once safe at home, I want your insight to my decision.

Here is what we are going to do. I will post the Call Your Shot photo to Instagram (@casualgoflersunited). I will provide:

  • Where I lie on the hole
  • Distance to hole
  • Obstacle description

You just tell me what you would have done with club selection and swing type. Let’s have some fun and see if we can learn a new trick or two from each other.

Here is an example:

Call your shot

I over shot the green (of course). I was twenty yards past with a tree over hanging the loft path of nice wedge shot to the pin. What would you do in the predicament? Do you have the golf shot to save par or bogey for this position?

This should be fun and let’s see what you think. Remember follow @casualgolfersunited on Instagram.

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