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2019 is My Year for Best Golf Ever

So here we are in 2019.  A new year and time to forget about 2018 and that damn lobbed chip that skimmed across the green into the sand trap costing me three shots and a chance at a sub 90 round.   As I sit here at Casual Golfers United headquarters (CGUHQ), I ponder what I am going to do to make 2019 my best golf year ever?  Time to take personal stock and break down a grand plan for awesomeness.

To set a plan in motion, the plan needs to have certain elements:

  • Measurable
  • Specific
  • Attainable (slightly out of reach make it a challenge)

Looking at my bogey golf game, I know I can improve and score lower.  Let’s take stock of my golf game through data collected in the Grint:

My golfing performance for 2018 tracked by the Grint app.


So the image is a mediocre golfer.  No shame there.  I am who I am but I want to be a better version.

Improvement comes through work and experience.  So here are my golfing resolutions for 2019:


  • Play 12 different courses.  Walk as often as possible/practical.


  • Read 12 books on golf.


  • Increasing Driving accuracy to 60%
  • Lower Average Putts per Round to 30


These seem obtainable and not without reason.  Might need a lesson or two.  Maybe even sacrifice accuracy for distance.  I already got the putting cup set up in my office for those long conference calls.

Let’s check back in December and see if I hit all the marks.

What are your 2019 golf resolutions?

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