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Scotland Run Golf Club is Picturesque but There is a Trap

Welcome sign of Scotland Run.

In my quest for new golf courses, I came across Scotland Run Golf Club.  The course scored well online so I heading down to give it a try.  I was not disappointed with the course and the challenge it offered.  I got paired with another single golfer and a father son combo enjoying a day together.  The kid turned out to be a serious student of the game with hand drawn layouts of each hole.  It was fun seeing his love of the game.

Scotland Run Golf Club Course Overview

Scotland Run Golf Club offers some great views through the course.  The course has strategically placed cranes, tractors and even an airplane (more off this later) is traps to rust. Sounds weird but somehow it worst to add to the chair of the course.  The greens can be defined as hilly or even roller coaster like depending on what side of the break you land on compared to the hole location.  On the day I played, there were flocks of skydivers jumping enjoying the sunny summer day.  It was fun watching them float down and land just beyond the course.  (too hard to get a photo with my phone)

scotland run

Scotland Run Golf Club Condition

I found the course to be in good condition.  The fairways were deep green and strong from spring growth.  The traps played well and were in good condition (except for #16 but more on that later).  All the practice areas were within walking distance of the stage area.  The driving range landing area was in process of repair but there were flags to aim at so no worries.

If I ran Scotland Run Golf Club

The staff was very nice and helpful.  The starters did there jobs well to help launch everyone on time.  The only thing I would fix is not a fix but an emphasis.  On the 9th tee there was a sign to call ahead for food at the food shack at the turn.  Our foursome did not and we had to wait for our sandwiches to be made fresh.  Not a bad problem to have but I should have heeded the sign.

Favorite Hole at Scotland Run Golf Club

I really liked the 10th hole.  This hole launches players down the fairway with plenty of landing area.  the second shot should be played short to 100 yards or less out since there is a wall of railroad ties guarding the green and a hunger sand trap in front of them.  I did this and left myself with a healthy chip shot to the green which I shanked like a boss into the woods behind the green.

The 16th Hole: Scotland Run’s Revenge

So now, let’s talk about the monster on this course, the 16th hole.  On paper, the 16th hole is a simple dogleg right par 4 measuring 360 yards for the white tees.  If your tee shot finds the fairway, par is achievable.  What makes this hole SOB is the expansive hazard that runs along the right side of this hole.  Of course, I found my way in it.  The trap consists of thick sand, not normal trap sand, which robs all swings of power and also sits 15′ feet below the fairway.

The best strategy to execute is to chip back to the fairway perpendicular to the path to the hole.  Ignore all ego about getting closer to the green and just get out.  I used a hand wedge and threw my ball out after three attempts.  This hole is a pride sucker.  I will have my vengeance!

My Final Say on Scotland Run Golf Club

I enjoyed my round at this course.  It is a shot makers course where hitting the green in regulation does not guarantee a birdie attempt.  It might be better to lay up short and get a good look at the green instead of going for it from 180 yards.  I will return to play this course again.

Scotland Run Golf Club Scorecard

Scotland Run Golf Course Scorecard

Scotland Run Golf Club Contact Info

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