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What the Hell is a Baffler Golf Club?

My Cobra Baffler 7 Hybrid club for those shots requiring some loft.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the hybrid golf club ever since I tried my friends on a driving range in Miami.  The weight (or lack their of) of the head allows me to generate great speed and power.  Over the last few years, I developed touch with them as well leading me to using my hybrid like wedges.  I carry one hybrid golf club that gets the most weird looks, my Cobra Baffler 7H.

Cobra is not at the top of my list for desired hybrids or other golf clubs. The reason this golf club is in my bag is because of its unique loft as a 7H at 31°.   I was looking for a hybrid to hit with some good loft like a wedge. My family passed around, Callaway War Bird 7 Wood through the years.  That club was excellent for 180 yard par 3s with its great distance and straight drop at the end of its flight.

Baffler Golf Club History

The Baffler clubs have a unique feature with the rails that run along the bottom of the club head.  According to a review on

Cobra say the rail system on the sole improves turf interaction and helps the head glide out of the turf more smoothly, meaning shots get airborne more easily from anywhere on the golf course.

Cobra still makes Hybrids but no longer uses the Baffler name but you can still see the rail system in place on some models.

Baffler Golf Club Search

I found my Baffler in the used club section of an Edwin Watts in Savannah, GA.  The afternoon found me hunting for that random club to fill in the hole of my golf bag as I distanced myself from my irons.  I seem to remember that it cost me more to ship home than to buy.

Was it worth the buy?  Tough to say sometimes.  I like the relaxed swing when I need a little more than my PW but afraid to half swing my 9 iron.  The club is easy to swing and is very forgiving.  It is very hard to find a hybrid built these days beyond a 6H (I swing a M2 6 hybrid).  I have not narrow down the exact range as I can hit it from 100 to 160 yards.  My goal was use it to replace my irons that I lost my touch with, 7, 8 ,and 9 iron.

What is the craziest club you have or had in your golf bag?

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