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Harbor Pines Golf Club Course Review

The Jersey shore is a great place for summer memories.  I remember the boardwalk games and rides, playing in the open for hours, fish and chips from Campbells Seafood and feeding the seagulls with the left over fries.  The Jersey shore hosts it fair share of golf courses as well.  Harbor Pines Golf Club is located in Egg Harbor, NJ just off the Garden State Parkway.  I made the drive to try it out and I was glad I did and the shore traffic was not in effect yet in May.

Harbor Pines Golf Club Overview

Harbor Pines offers a solid round of golf.  The pro shop is in the center of all you need to start your day with the driving range, putting green, and chipping range within walking distance.  The course produced an app for download which is a great innovation except for the yardage book tab would not load on the course.  The greens offered some real challenging putts with their breaks.  On the 15th hole, I aimed my putt 90 degrees from the hole to let it ride the hill down to the hole.

There is plenty of water hazards on the course.  It may sound dumb but that don’t come into effect unless you lets them.  Which I did a few times.

The ranger did a great job keeping the pace comfortable with everyone.  There was concern in the beginning of the day with a pair of foursome launching a bit of disorganized fashion.  It never effected our day and we ended 20 minutes ahead of pace time.

Another nice touch by Harbor Pines is that each par 3 hole has a white erase board on the tee box with the yardage for that day’s pin placement.

Harbor Pines Golf Club Condition

At 6 AM the morning I played, the heavens opened up with a heavy rain.  It was nice to have the pollen flushed from the air and my car but it made the course cart path only and the sand traps thick.   It took me three chips to get out of a green side trap on the 14th hole because the sand was one step above mud.  The fairways must have been thirsty because I did not see any standing water.  I saw some people walking the course on our way in on the 18th hole.  The ground crew takes good care of the course and it shows.

If I ran Harbor Pines Golf Club

I think adding hole layout picture somewhere for the players is a nice touch.   As a first time player, I ended up in a some bad patches because I did not not know how big a sand trap or water hazard were.

Favorite Hole at Harbor Pines Golf Club

I liked the par 4 4th hole.  The drive must be contained due to a tight right dog leg.  Sometimes it is more fun to not just blast off the tee with a driver but pick a shot from the beginning of the hole.  A close second are holes with the extreme breaking greens.

My Final Say

I will return to Harbor Pines to it again.  My score showed a snowman and two triple bogeys so those holes need some redemption.  I may wait until the shore season is over to avoid weekend traffic.

Harbor Pines Golf Club Scorecard

Golf Course Scorecard - Harbor Pines
Score for Harbor Pines Golf Club.

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