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The Definitive Guide to Grabbing a Bite at the Turn

Golf is a social game and includes an acceptable level of drinking and eating.  One tradition is grabbing a bite to eat at the turn on your way to the 10th tee.  In the old days, this might include a sit down for a ham sandwich with Grey Poupon and a high ball.  Now a days, Ready Golf has turned the Turn into a fly by of a grab and go meal that is consumed bouncing down the 10th fairway.  Let’s talk about what makes a good “meal” at the turn.

The Turn Meal Characteristics

There are several factors that determine a good bite at the turn.  Clubhouses can’t get too cute.  Here are the characteristics that make a good meal:

  • Quick: Time is ticking to the 10th tee.  In and out in two minutes.  Gone are the days of a leisurely meal reviewing the front 9 and upping wagers for the back 9.
  • Clean: I don’t want me grips greased up from condiments or sauces going down my arms.
  • Well proportioned: One golfer told me about a course that offered the best sausage and peppers sandwich but it was too big.  Clubhouse don’t need to supersize their sandwiches.  Keep it simple.
  • Mobile: The meal should not need utensils.  I give waivers to salads since you only need a fork.  If the meal requires a knife, it is a failure.
Grill at the Turn
Grabbing a quick bite at the grill before the 10th tee

Top Turn Meals:

  • Hot dog and a beer: Nothing better than a well done hot dog with the fixing and a cold cup of liquid swing coach.  An all American meal which makes it great like being a baseball game.
  • Grilled burger:  When I played Architects Golf Club, they had a grill outside the clubhouse cooking burgers.  The service was quick and we were on our way in no time.
  •  Cold sandwich: Sometimes with the summer heat, a nice cold turkey sandwich hits the spot.  The best part is they are not messy like a good burger or overfilled hotdog.
  • Granola bar: There are those who are healthy conscience or don’t want to play the back nine with a stuffed belly.
  • Frozen candy bar: On a hot summer day, the crunch and crack of a frozen Snickers, it music to my ears.  (I know all dentist just cringed).  The cold bar of sugar is just the kick to the heart I need to hit the back 9 running.

What is your favorite meal to grab at the turn?  What course you played offered the best food?


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