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Tour Logic Perfect Swing Trainer Failed Perfectly

It must have been a Friday evening that I was walking through Target (pronounced Tar-Shey to give it some panache) picking up this and that for the weekend.  I found myself it their meager golf section looking for Mojo golf balls for my brother since that is the brand he plays just for the name.  My quest to test training aid appraisal popped in my mind and I looked to see what Target had to offer.  I saw the Perfect Swing Trainer and thought the name said it all.

Perfect Swing Trainer Description

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the box once I took it off the shelf.  This is a weighty trainer.  The device consists of a simple golf ball on a string attached to a protruding arm that is screwed to a metal plate which in turn is staked to the ground.  The ball’s distance cannot be adjusted from the ground without uniting the factory tied knot.

What Will the Perfect Swing Trainer Correct

The concept behind the Perfect Swing Trainer is the looping path of the ball after being struck will illustrate the path of the ball in free flight.  The best result is a vertical swinging ball.  If the ball is looping a side, you hit a slice or hook.  Since the ball is on a string, you can hit the ball for hours and save money on driving range buckets of balls (in theory).

Best Practice for Perfect Swing Trainer

Nail the Perfect Swing Trainer down in your backyard and make sure it is not pointed at windows. The concept is that you can swing away to your heart’s content on the Perfect Swing Trainer and save money compared to hitting buckets at the driving range.  This is one of those too good to be true/money saving devices.

Perfect Swing Trainer Cost


Is the Perfect Swing Trainer Worth It?

No, hell no.  I broke this device with 5 swings.  We cannot say it was my swing power as I was hitting my 5 hybrid and I am not that strong.  Also, I could not tell from the swing loop whether I was on path or slicing or hooking because it was not standing directly behind it and the ball made three to four loops before dying.  Finally, I did not like the feel of contact to the ball on a string.  It felt like I was hitting a rock and the first time I thought might have hit the arm.

Here is the video of my trainer of the Perfect Swing Trainer.  Watch it to the end.  You will also notice my dog, Greta, was not impress either.


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