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The Grint is Great

Statistics is a bit of a draw to golf for me.  I like looking for trends and see how my game improves or more often than not degrades.  At one time, I considered building a spreadsheet to track scores and compute handicap.  Luckily, I found an app to track scores and compute handicap but I wanted more.  While playing at Scotland Run, my cart mate showed me the app he used to score his round and track his progress: The Grint.

Let me start this by saying that this is an unpaid review and my own opinion freely given.    And that opinion is very positive.  After using the Grint for three rounds, I wanted to share my experience of the app and why you should use it. (someday I hope to paid for my opinion but that is not today)

The Grint has two aspects that help your round: scoring and GPS.

The Grint Scoring

The app looks beyond just counting strokes but instead classifies them.  It breaks down your performance on each hole by the following actions:

  • Score
  • Putts
  • Tee accuracy: directional and shank
  • Hazards: green side bunker, fairway bunker, out of bounds, water hazard, and drop or other.

Each category will provide insight into your round and where you round excelled or fell apart.

The Grint GPS

The GPS feature has two presentations.  One is a simple distance to the center of the green in the top right of the Scoring page.  The other is a overview of the hole and you location along with straight line distance to the center of the green.  I used this instead of my range finder because it was fast and easy and my range finder just shows how shaky my hands are.

The Grint - GPS
The Grint will show you with a hole overview where you are and how far to the center of the green.

The Grint Scorecard

When the round is over and done and you are look at how well you really did, the expanded score card shows the following information:

  • Score – notes bogeys and birdies.
  • # of putts per hole
  • Greens in regulation
  • Fairways in regulation and accuracy – shows if you missed drives and in which direction.
  • Penalty – penalty or hazard strokes.
The Grint - Front 9
Sample of scoring for the Grint on the front 9.
The Grint - Back 9
Sample of the Grint back 9 scoring showing score, putts, tee accuracy, and hazards.
The Grint - Course Average
The Grint will show you you score compared to course average and overall average.

The Grint Webpage

Once you get enough points of data, go to to look at trends of your scoring.  You can look at your scores and overlay your GIR, Putting, Driving Accuracy, and more.  Nice way to see your play trends and know what you need to focus on to improve.

The Grint is a great app that is simple to use and helped me to see how my round really went.  I found I needed to work on my driver as it began to leak further and further right as the day went.  My putt numbers show that I began to get more 3 putts as the day went so I need to get closer on my chips.

Download the Grint and give it three round to add it to your habits on the course.  I look forward to using it more to get better insight on my game and where I can improve.

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