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Callaway Connect-Easy Locks You Into A Good Swing

I did a review a little while ago on the Callaway Swing-Easy and I will admit that I copy and pasted most of that review here for the Callaway Connect-Easy.  The two devices are the same on most elements in design and swing correction.  There are some differences and you should read this to see them since I wore this training device in public to see if it was worth the money.

Callaway Connect-Easy Description

The Connect-Easy is made from elastic fabric with two loops, one goes around the torso and the other around the right arm above the elbow. (it can be worn by lefties by reversing this except the Callaway logo will be upside down)  The elastic material is strong enough to keep your elbow close to the body but there is give enough to be comfortable.

Callaway Connect-Easy Trainer
Callaway Connect-Easy with velcro sleeve and body wrap.

What Will the Callaway Connect-Easy Correct?

Many golfers will allow their right elbow to chicken wing out at the top of the backswing.  This break in swing structure will allow golfer to swing out to in resulting in a fade or slice.  The Connect-Easy keeps your elbows close and helps to swing in to out.

Callaway Connect-Easy Best Practice

I took the Connect-Easy to the driving range and also worked with it in my backyard (hitting plastic practice balls).  I looked around both times to see if anyone was looking while I slid on the Swing-Easy.  Ready with a quick reply of “I am reviewing this for a website.” if anyone asked what I was wearing.  Each time, I swung a few shots without the Swing-Easy on and then a few with it.  I felt the difference and saw it as well.  My normal swing produces a mild fade and the Swing-Easy straighten my shots.

The idea is to build the muscle memory where you can produce the same shot with and without the Connect-Easy.

Callaway Connect-Easy Cost


Is the Connect-Easy Worth it?

I say a cautious Yes for the Connect-Easy.  I liked the Swing-Easy better than the Connect-Easy and if I am going to wear one of these devices the Swing-Easy is for me.


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