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Callaway Swing-Easy Training Aid: Funny Yet Functional

The Callaway Swing-Easy trainer designed to keep your elbows in during your swing.

You just grabbed a box new golf balls and played with the new putters for a bit but you linger in the golf section of the sporting goods store for just a bit more.  You end up in the train aid section looking at the gadgets and gizmos promising to fix what ails you.  Each box promises the cure and shows a golfer who must have a lower handicap than you.  Yet, you resist because who would buy this crap.  I do so you know if it is worth the money.  This is what drove me to purchase the Swing-Easy training aid to give it a try.

Swing-Easy Description

The Swing-Easy is made from elastic fabric that slides up just above the elbows.  The elastic material is strong enough to keep your elbows close but there is give enough to be comfortable.

Callaway Swing-Easy Trainer profile
The Callaway Swing-Easy is made from elastic material to keep your elbows in and together during swing.

What Will the Swing-Easy Correct?

Many golfers will allow their right elbow (left if you are  a leftie) to chicken wing out at the top of the backswing.  This break in swing structure results in most golfers to swing out to in resulting in a fade or slice.  The Swing-Easy keeps your elbows close and helps to swing in to out.

Swing-Easy Best Practice

I took the Swing-Easy to the driving range and also worked with it in my backyard (hitting plastic practice balls).  I looked around both times to see if anyone was looking while I slid on the Swing-Easy.  Ready with a quick reply of “I am reviewing this for a website.” if anyone asked what I was wearing.  Each time, I swung a few shots without the Swing-Easy on and then a few with it.  I felt the difference and saw it as well.  My normal swing produces a mild fade and the Swing-Easy straighten my shots.

Swing-Easy Cost


Is the Swing-Easy Worth it?

I say a cautious Yes for the Swing-Easy.  Let me justify that for a minute.  I saw a difference but it will only work if I use it often to build the muscle memory.  This requires multiple uses until my elbows get trained to hold their position.  I will drop this into my golf bag so I can warm up with it on the range.  Someday, I can pass it on when I hold my golf swing form.


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