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What’s In Your Golf Bag

There may be that joke about not being able to find anything in a woman’s purse.  But when was the last time you cleaned out your golf bag to see what is hiding in all the pockets.  A few years ago, I gave my mother-in-law a new golf bag for Christmas.  As part of the gift presentation, I transferred her clubs and gear to the new bag.  The chore soon began became an exercise in consolidation as I found five dozens balls and some duplicate clubs.  I recommend you do examine the contents of your own bag during the golf season.  Search every pocket and dig deep.   You never know what you will find.

Let’s take a look at what should be in  your golf bag and in what quantity.  I will offer up my own golf bag as an example.  We will ignore the clubs but just remember the magic number for clubs is 14.

My Golf Bag Pockets
Collage of what is in my golf bag’s pockets.

Golf Bag Front Main Pocket

This is the main depository of golf balls and other items needed on a regular basis.  I store my laser range finder in this pocket.  It is a good place for gloves as well.

Let’s talk about the main item: golf balls.

The number of golf balls in this pocket should not exceed the number of holes on the course, 18.  It is a judgement call and I am making it.

If you feel the number to stack your bag with over 18 active golf balls because you might lose of few balls, go take some lessons.

Golf Bag Content - Front Bottom Pocket
Active golf balls and laser range finder.

I crossed out one golf ball as it is a Ram brand which I don’t know why I put it in my bag. I also crossed out my golf glove as I stopped playing with it last season.  Check your bag for scratched or pod scum coated balls and consider tossing them out or donating them.

Golf Bag Front Top Pocket

This is where I keep my tees and my ball mark repair tool.  This pocket does not be packed to the point where the zipper won’t shut.

Golf Bag Content - Front Top Pocket
Collection of tees and ball mark repair tool.

I crossed out two ball markers and the ball mark repair tool since I have metal tool that does both.

Golf Bag Left Side Pocket

This side pocket contains sleeves on new balls.  Like the front pocket, limit the number of balls stored here.   Three sleeves is plenty as a reserve since we are holding no more than 18 in the front pocket.  This brings our bags ball total to 27 balls.  If you can’t complete 18 holes with 27 balls, you need some professional help, golf and psychological.

Golf Bag Content - Left Side Pocket
3 Sleeves of back up balls.

Golf Bag Right Pocket

This pocket contains my utility items: rain gear, sun screen, ball retreiver, and a long sleeve pull over.  The rain gear may end up in my car’s trunk if I know the weather deems them unnecessary.  This is another pocket you should check from time to time to make sure nothing has slipped in there.

Golf Bag Conent - Right Main Pocket
Rain gear, ball retriever, and sun screen.

Golf Bag Right Change Pocket

Every golfer needs a spot to store the items normally in their pockets that might throw off their swing.  I keep my keys and wallet in this pocket.  Loose change ends up here as well.  I bought a travel first aid kit and loaded it with band aids, Tylenol, and other items needs to make medical repairs on the course.

Golf Bag Conent - Right Top Pocket
Only thing missing are my car keys and wallet.

Do you know what lurks in your golf bag’s pockets?  What else do you make sure is in your golf bag each round?

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