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Flatball: Do They Fall Flat?

Training aids come in all shapes and sizes.  The Flatball is unique for sure and that is why I bought it.  With the tase line “Hit it pure with the Flatball,” I was willing to give the Flatball a try.

Flatball Description:

The Flatball is the exact circumference of a regulation golf ball but it is only a 1/4″ tall.

What Will the Flatball Correct:

The Flatball focuses the golfer on hitting the ball with a downward strike and avoid hitting the ball in the middle or top or worse hitting the ground before the ball.  These are common errors for beginners and rob golfers of pure strike and the resulting power.

Best Flatball Practice:

The Flatball package comes with six discs to practice with so don’t take these to the range.  The backyard will be the best practice area but you will need grass cut down to fairway length or a mat to hit off of.  Make sure you have a location that allows for a variety of flight paths.  I was never sure where they were going to land.

Flatball Cost:

I paid $7.99.

Is Flatball Worth it?

I would so No.  I tried these in my backyard off of a mat since my grass it more like rough than a manicured fairway.   One element not mentioned on the package was what flight pattern is after a strike.  One Flatball my dog tried to eat, one ended up in the gutter, and another went straight at my kitchen window.

I would find it more effective to spend a few sessions at the range and focus on strike down at the ball.  If you are hitting off a mat, listen for the strike to hit the ball first.  If off grass, look at your divot compared where the balls was.


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