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Breed Precision Putting Strip Review

Breed Precision Putting Strips package

If you read the article on the True Line Putting Disc, you know the story of popping into a golf store in Wichita to find some product to review.  On that trip, I also grabbed another product from Michael Breed: the Breed Precision Putting Strip.  Spring seemed like a good time to work on my putting and this tool looked like that is what it focused on.

Breed Precision Putting Strip Description:

The Breed Precision Putting Strips is a strip of rubber 1.5″ wide and 23.75″ long.  One side has blue and black stripes while the other side is blank.

What Will Breed Precision Putting Strip Correct?

The concept behind this product is if you can keep your putt on line for the first stage, you will keep it on line for the rest of the putt.  This means your aim becomes sharper and you sink more putts.

Breed Precision Putting Strip Best Practices:

Take your Putting Strip and lay it down in your house or on a putting green.  Work on getting the ball to roll the length of the tape without veering off before exiting the strip at the end.

I tried it several times and found it only challenging if I dropped my concentration.  As long as I focused on my target, I stayed on the strip.  If I thought about something else, I strayed off the strip.  I am aware of this habit in my game and it requires mental exercises not products like this.

Breed Precision Putting Strip Cost:

Price paid: $7.99

Breed Precision Putting Strip Is It Worth the Money:

This product is a simple piece of rubber.  It can easily be replaced by a piece of tape on your carpet or a piece of string on the practice putting green.  I do not recommend you buy this unless you want to concentrate on sinking those two foot putts your friends will not give you as gimmes.



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