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We Need to New Golf Slang Term

Golfers built their own unique vocabulary for certain shots of achievements.  There are some amazing things golfers take credit for when it comes to playing with golf balls.  Through the rich history of playing new golf slang terms have come about.

Common Golf Slang Terms


  •  Albatross: A score of three less than par — as you can imagine, a very rare occurrence! You’ll also hear “double eagle.” It’s the same thing as an albatross.
  • Mulligan: In casual play only, a “do-over” shot made to replace a poorly hit shot, taken without counting the stroke toward the score.
  • Sandy: Hitting the ball out of a sand bunker and hitting (usually putting) the ball into the cup on the very next shot.
  • Skull: A miss hit golf stroke in which contact is made above the equator of the ball, resulting in a line-drive trajectory.
  • Worm burner: A golf shot (not a putt) in which the ball never rises off the ground.

We have all done these except maybe the Albatross unless you are the lucky ones with a one in hole are a shot par four.  If that is the case, thanks for rising this site.  We are always looking for guest writers.

Its is Small Win but a Win All the Same

I think it is time for a new name for a golf achievement.  Twice in my career have I reached this pinnacle and finished all 18 holes with the same three balls that started in my pocket on tee box #1!

Golf balls at finish.
Finish your round with all the golf balls you start with.

I treat this like a no hitter in baseball in that you cannot think about it during the round.  You must not start out with it as the goal of your game.  Just let the game play itself out and let it happen if the golf gods are generous.

New Golf Slang Term Suggestions

Some ideas for a name in no order and with no real merit:

  • Sleevie – for the sleeve the balls emerged from.
  • Seal Team 3 – no ball left behind.
  • The Pack – they stayed together.

None of these are winners, I know.  What do you think we should call it?

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