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True Line Putting Disc Review

The point of this page is to look at those gadgets and gimmic that promise to cure your golfing woes.  I am willing to spend the money to save you from spending yours.  While in Wichita on a business trip, I stopped into a local golf store and decided to support the local economy.  I saw the True Line Putting Disc and thought “Hey this is just what I am looking for.”  I packed my purchases in my luggage and waited to play with them at home.

True Line Putting Disc Description:

To describe the Putting Disc you would say that it is a golf ball in a safety cage for stunt work.  The other aspect I noticed is that is plastic wheels give the Putting Disc a heavier feel than a normal golf ball.

What will True Line Putting Disc correct?

The packaging for the True Line Putting Disc states that it will provide “instant feedback” on how your club face is at impact.   Anything than a straight roll is the result of the club face being open or closed.

True Line Putting Disc Best Practice:

The best practice is to putt and that is what I did on the Saturday I got home. I rolled out my putting green mat and gave it a shot.  The first thing I notice the sound and feel of contact with this tool.  It is like hitting a wooden hockey puck.  A solid “clunk” is the resulting sound of a swing.  After some missed shots, I felt how heavy the disc is compared to a golf ball.  It has considerably more mass then a regulation golf ball which means it takes more to get it in motion.  I gave it a few whacks and all I could get it to do was a few doughnuts.  I felt that my stroke pace was normal to get a ball to go down the length of the putting mat.  The disc refused to roll.  I tried rolling it by hand and it rolled just fine.  Somehow I could not make it roll from a putt.

I watched the video for this on to see if I was doing something wrong.  Michael Breed can make it look easy.  I tried again with no luck.  More doughnuts.  If there is some adjustment to the disc to let it roll better the package did not say.

I understand that just because I did not hit it perfect in the first three hits I need more practice.  The problem I had was that I had no feedback and after putting some normal golf balls all my putts rolled true.


Price paid: $7.99

Is it worth the money:

If you are looking for a tool to see if you hit your putts true, I would recommend The Pill. See our review here.  Save your money.



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