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FootJoy VersaLux Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoes

Top view of FootJoy VersaLuxe spoilers golf shoes.

Golf shoes have changed a lot since I was a kid (cue flashback wavy video effect).  My first set had mental spikes that made the click/scratch sound across the parking lot as you walked to the first tee.  Metal spikes would wear down and you would replace them with a wrench tool lost somewhere in the garage.  Plus, clubhouse started banning them based on tearing up their carpets.  Next came plastic spike to replace the metal spike that worn down faster or broke off.  Next we saw plastic spikes that look like spiked wheels that promised to lock the golfer to the ground.  Around 2010, spikeless shoes emerged and I have been a fan ever since.  And then there is the FootJoy VersaLux.

The FootJoy VersaLux is my third pair of FootJoy spikeless shoes.  I find FootJoy shoes very comfortable and will wear them home form the course if I am in a hurry or just still thinking of how the hell I double bogeyed #18.  I have worn my VersaLux on cartpath only days and come home without needing to put on a pair of dry socks.

For those who equate spikeless to a lack of ground grip, you are mistaken.  I can sometimes over rotate on my swing and have never fallen on my face.  The spikeless offer consistent traction even in dry and wet conditions.  The tread offers a stable base for any swing type.  The tread does not wear out quickly so a set of shoes can last you for several seasons.

FootJoy VersaLux Description:

The VersaLuxe’s style is similar to that of any casual leather shoe.  It is possible to go from the golf course to dinner with the family without changing shoes as the modern style is good on a Par 5 or local bistro.

From here are the features of the shoe:

  • Versatile Traction: This rubber outsole offers cushioning and stability while providing turf gripping performance and durability.
  • Premium SuppleLuxe Leather: Developed by Pittards® of England, is a soft and durable leather, offering two year waterproof protection.
  • Lane Last: The Lane Last offers a full rounded toe character with a full fit across the forefoot, which allows toes to spread and grip.
  • Complete Comfort Full Leather Linings: Provide a mold-to-feet custom like feel, while the suede inner-heel pocket offers no-slip comfort fit.
  • Genuine Cork Covered Fit-bed: Soft, ultra comfortable and well cushioned fit-bed

FootJoy VersaLux Cost:

Prices range online from $60 to $90.  These are last season model so online is your best option.

Is FootJoy VersaLux worth it?

Yes. These shoes are comfortable and provide a stable base for any swing.  The lack of spikes means no maintenance. FootJoy is always coming out new models for each season.  I do not see me buying another pair until 2020.



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