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Bunker Hill Golf Course Review

Central New Jersey is not the New Jersey everyone thinks of.  It is tucked away from both New York and Philadelphia and has some beautiful rolling hills.  Princeton is a great college town that has great restaurants and of course the world famous university.  Tucked back off US 1 is Bunker Hill Golf Course.  This golf course weaves its way through the hills of Princeton.

Bunker Hill Golf Course Overview:

Bunker Hill is either hilly or it is flat so the golf course changes its mind through the day.  The holes near the clubhouse, which sits atop a hill, offer the greatest challenges with elevation shifts and water running at the hill’s bottom across the fairways.  The rest of the golf course is flat but a few doglegs force players to hit smart not far.  The rolling hills can make some tee shots somewhat or completely blind.  Tribal knowledge helps on these holes.

Yardages are posting with either blue markers in fairway for 200 yards or barber polls: black and white for 150 yards and red and white for 100 yards.

Condition of Bunker Hill Golf Course:

The rains and snows of the last week made play cart path only which is why I broke out my pull cart.  The fairways and greens where in good shape despite drying out and not awakening from their winter slumber yet.  Some sand traps were wet with solidly soaked patches but the one I hit out of offered fine sand play.  The drying greens did have several ball marks from previous days.

If I Ran Bunker Hill Golf Course:

The major element of a good course missing from Bunker Hill is a driving range.  I arrive 30 minutes early to warm up but without a range I jumped on the course.  There is a putting green and practice sand trap.  The golf cart appeared fine but I did not see any sand tubes for divot repair.

Bunker Hill Golf Course Favorite Hole:

The 9th hole was my favorite as it roller coastered from the tee box down to a stream and back up to the hole. The 9th and 18th hole run she by side and have the same undulation.  I preferred the 9th since the tee shot was not blind.  A ball too well struck on the 18th can fine the stream at the bottom of the hill.

My Final Say:

I will be back to play this golf course as I found it fun to play and want to see it with the trees in bloom.  Another walk through Bunker Hill would be a fun way to spend a summer day.

Bunker Hill Golf Course Scorecard:

Golf Course Elements

Price Paid





2:40 walking alone





Drink cart service


Scorecard course layout


Driving range hitting surface

No Driving Range

Putting green quality


Bunker range


Bunker condition


Golf cart quality


Golf cart GPS


Divot repair tubes


Hole signage


Hole overview picture


Tee box markers


Tee box grass condition


Tee box divot repair box


Fairway condition


Bunkers condition


Quality of rakes


Greens grass quality


Undulation greens factor


Flag pin placement indication

Yes (by color)

Bunker Hill Golf Course Location and Contact Information:

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