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The Pill Will Cure Your Putting Woes

The challenge to cure poor putting is hard to fix sometime because you use the same old golf ball.  What it you worked putting with a different kind of ball that was not completely round.  The Pill is a putting tool but it is not a ball but rather a wheel shape.  It focuses on putting precision which I know I can use to keep from adding needless strokes to the scorecard.  

The Pill Description

Looking at the Pill, the physical description is a golf ball with its sides shaved off. The Pill has the same weight and feels like a full golf ball. Contact produces the same sound. The lack of sides makes the Pill unstable when not struck correctly and that is what it is designed to help with.

Putting tool the Pill
The Pill ball profiles.

The box for the Pill states it helps train golfers on the green, bunkers, fairways, and tees. I am not sure I would hit one of these off a tee. It would show a bad shot but I am not sure where its wobbled flight would take the ball and if I would ever find it. At nearly $5 a Pill, I am not willing to take that chance.  The website shows some drills out of a sand trap but I did not see how they are any different from using a normal golf ball.

What will The Pill correct?

The Pill will roll straight only when struck true with a flat club face. If you strike the Pill off center, the roll will display a visible wobble.   The roll will also show alignment to aiming point. Practice with the Pill will help ensure you hit your putts with a flat clubface. The resulting putts will follow a true line and not pushed or pulled.

Best Pill Practice Exercise

The double Pill drill will show you if you strike a putt with a flat face or if the toe or heal strike early. Place two Pills side by side and line up your putt. Strike both Pills and watch the path and pace of both Pills. If you strike both Pills the same time, both Pills will travel side by side. If the outside Pill travels further, your putting stroke has the toe coming in early. The goal is for both Pills to travel together.

This drill can be done on the practice green or at home. Working on this at home will help save strokes with putts that leak to one side due to not hitting the putter face square.

For demonstrations of drills, go to

The Pill Cost


Is the Pill worth the money?

Yes. For the beginner, putting with a normal ball is fine. If you want to polish your putting stroke to be more precise, the Pill two ball drill can help.

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