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Momentus Swing Trainer Review

Momentus Swing Trainer Description

The Momentus Swing Iron Trainer is a heavy weighted club with the same length and loft as a standard 7 iron. The molded grip helps to correct my grip into the proper position. If I find my swing feel begin to slip away, I grab my Momentus and get my hands back into position.

What will Momentus Swing Trainer correct?

The first time you swing a Momentus you will feel the weight right away. It is the weight that will help you to feel the proper arc of a swing. If you chop down at the ball, the Momentus will not allow me to recover. By keeping your left arm extended, the club travels along the proper arc of the downswing.

The weight also helps to loosen and stretch muscles prior to hitting the range or the course. Do you stretch before playing? Are you stretching the right muscles? The Momentus will stretch those muscles toe touches cannot. It is a great tool to loosen up on the range or before the first hole.


Momentus Swing Trainer Best Practices

I use my Momentus before every round and driving range session when the golf season begins each spring. It helps reset my grip after winter swing hibernation. I will groan for the first few swings as the Momentus finds those spots in my back that are tight from not twisting.

After spring, I remove my Momentus from my bag as its weight makes walking a course a little more challenging. The molded grip also chafes against my bag’s club dividers.

I put the Momentus in my car trunk just in case my grip starts wandering. If I find that I am questioning my grip, a few swings with the Momentus will correct the situation.

Momentus Swing Trainer Cost


Is it worth the money?

Yes. This is a “club” everyone should buy.

Momentus Swing Trainer

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